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Friday, July 15, 2011

Did ya'll hear?

So apparently I'm the worst blogger in the history of the blogosphere! Crazy huh?
I get a certificate and everything.

Also, I just released my very second ebook on Kindle.

Check it.

And here's the description/blurb.

THE 6TH LEVEL – Book 2 in the Secret Apocalypse series.

Rebecca Robison survived the Oz virus and escaped from Australia.

She was the only one to get out.

She was forced to leave her friends behind. She thought she had left them for dead.

She was wrong.

Two days ago Rebecca heard an SOS from her friends. Kenji, Jack, Maria.

They are alive.

They are hiding in the middle of Sydney. They are surrounded by the infected.

Now Rebecca must find the courage to go back into hell. Right back into the apocalypse.

The 6th Level is a Young Adult Post-Apocalyptic Zombie adventure. It is the second book in The Secret Apocalypse series and is approximately 82,000 words.


And Book 3 WHERE THE DEAD MEN LIE will be released later in year.

I'm pretty effing excited.