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Monday, November 7, 2016

Rage Against the Dying

This is book 8 in the Secret Apocalypse series...

And yes, we are getting very, very close to the end.

The end.

The Aftermath.

All things final.

But first, book mother effing 8.

Rage Against the Dying

The world has been ravaged by an unstoppable, incurable plague.
We are facing an extinction level event.
The human race is on the brink.
Who will rule the ruins?

Rebecca and her friends are once again on the run. They are being hunted by killers and dead things. They are in search of a safe haven, a sanctuary from the infected and the Oz virus. But in order to find a home, to have any chance of a future, they must continue to fight.

They will fight the dead, the living.
They will fight killers and monsters.
They will fight the lucky few who survived the outbreak, the lucky few who survived those early days of panic and chaos.

Rage Against the Dying is a post-apocalyptic zombie thriller. It is the eighth book in the Secret Apocalypse series.