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Monday, September 26, 2011

Stuff is happening!

Hey whats up...

I forgot to mention that earlier in the month I released the first secret apocalypse novella - The Lost Journal of Private Kenji Yoshida.

Here's the cover...

Here's the synopsis...

The Lost Journal of Private Kenji Yoshida – A Secret Apocalypse Novella.

This is the journal of Private Kenji Yoshida of the U.S. Marine Corp. It details his experiences in the field with the Oz virus and in particular the initial outbreak at the small outback town of Woomera - the beginnings of what is now known as the Secret Apocalypse.

It also details his relationship with Rebecca Robinson, the only known survivor of the Oz virus.

It is a story of survival, sacrifice and discovery. It is a story of a boy in love with a girl.

It is the story of a man's journey into hell.

The Lost Journal of Private Kenji Yoshida is set in the weeks leading up to the events that take place in The Secret Apocalypse.

It is approximately 30,000 words in length or 120 pages.


I'm planning on releasing Part 2 of Kenj's journal later in the year. Along with another Secret Apocalypse novella - Test Subject Zero.

These will come out around the same time as Where The Dead Men Lie (book 3 in the series) comes out.

Excited much? I know I am.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Lost Journal of Private Kenji Yoshida

Coming soon!

It's a 30,000 word novella (approximately 120 pages).

It's an excerpt from Kenji's journal of the weeks leading up to the events in the Secret Apocalypse.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Did ya'll hear?

So apparently I'm the worst blogger in the history of the blogosphere! Crazy huh?
I get a certificate and everything.

Also, I just released my very second ebook on Kindle.

Check it.

And here's the description/blurb.

THE 6TH LEVEL – Book 2 in the Secret Apocalypse series.

Rebecca Robison survived the Oz virus and escaped from Australia.

She was the only one to get out.

She was forced to leave her friends behind. She thought she had left them for dead.

She was wrong.

Two days ago Rebecca heard an SOS from her friends. Kenji, Jack, Maria.

They are alive.

They are hiding in the middle of Sydney. They are surrounded by the infected.

Now Rebecca must find the courage to go back into hell. Right back into the apocalypse.

The 6th Level is a Young Adult Post-Apocalyptic Zombie adventure. It is the second book in The Secret Apocalypse series and is approximately 82,000 words.


And Book 3 WHERE THE DEAD MEN LIE will be released later in year.

I'm pretty effing excited.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1st Draft for 'Secret Apocalypse' part 2 is COMPLETE

And it feels so good.

I can't wait to finalise it.

Here's a sneak peek...

I think the thing that freaked people out the most is that the virus robbed a person of their humanity - it took away their soul.  No one wants to believe that death is absolute, that there is no after life. People want to believe that their souls live on forever in heaven or wherever. But the Oz virus confronted people with their mortality, with death. Not just death of the body, but death of the soul, the spirit. Complete and absolute. And that scared the hell out of people. Scared the hell out of me.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How 'bout this weather...

So it's 40 freakin degrees again here in my part of Australia.

And in Queensland last night a category 5 cyclone smashed into the coast. That's right, category 5. They don't make 'em any bigger. It was something like 500km's in diameter. It was an absolute monster. Queensland is having a rough start to the year.

But yeah, its been about 40 degrees for the past week or so. All this hot weather and beach time is making it difficult for me to concentrate on writing. But i think I'm almost sort of half way to being half way done on the sequel to 'the secret apocalypse'. Does that even make sense?

I can't wait to finish it. It's a blast to write... there's so much action and tension.

I also can't wait to re-release Dead Forest under it's new name. I'm thinking of combing the second volume with the first to make it novel length as I'm sort of not too sure about novellas. But that's the awesome thing with self-pubbing ebooks - you have complete control. These decisions are up to me. It's fantastic.
And i still get a huge rush whenever i sell a book. It's the greatest feeling in the world, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

And now i'm off to the beach. I mean, i'm off to write a few thousand words.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Triple J's Hottest 100 winner winner chicken dinner

And the winner is...

Big Jet Plane - Angus and Julia Stone.

So yeah i'm a couple of days late in posting this. I blame the two day hang over I suffered as a result of drinking all day on wednesday.

Here's the rest of the top 20. (And you can see the full list here)
1. Angus & Julia stone – Big Jet plane
2. Little Red – Rock It
3. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – Dance The Way I Feel
4. Birds Of Tokyo – Plans
5. Boy & Bear – Fall At Your Feet
6. Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime
7. Cee Lo Green – Fuck You!
8. The Wombats – Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)
9. Art Vs. Science – Magic Fountain
10. Mark Ronson & The Business Intl. – Somebody To Love Me {Ft. Boy George & Andrew Wyatt}
11. Pendulum – ABC News Theme {Remix}
12. Drapht – Rapunzel
13. Sia – Clap Your Hands
14. Kanye West – Runaway {Ft. Pusha T}
15. Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand
16. The Jezabels – Mace Spray (Watch the videpclip on MFTV)
17. Mark Ronson & The Business Intl. – Bang Bang Bang {Ft. MNDR & Q-Tip}
18. Cloud Control – There’s Nothing In The Water We Can’t Fight
19. Flight Facilities – Crave You {Ft. Giselle}
20. Washington – Sunday Best
Songs I thought were gonna be higher on the list:

Foster the People - pumped up kicks (came in at no. 32)
Vampire Weekend - Giving up the Gun (no. 55)
Cold War Kids - Audience (no. 66)
Grove Armada - Paper Romance (no. 70)
The Black Keys - Howling for you (no. 80)
Birds of Tokyo - The saddest thing I know (no. 87)

Also, Kanye West's Runaway came in at no. 14. I totes thought that was gonna crack the top 10. But 14 is still pretty good.

So yeah, in summation... good countdown. Great to listen to whilst chillaxin in an inflatable pool and drinking beers and then vodka and then more beers.

Good times.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Australia Day and Triple J's Hottest 100

Yay it's Australia day.

I'm so glad I don't have to go to work today (I was up til 4am working on the sequel to Secret Apocalypse). So to celebrate Australia Day i'm going over to a mate's place for a BBQ and we're all gonna chill out in an inflatable pool and listen to Triple J's hottest 100 countdown (and probably drink a thousand beers).

My tip to win the hottest 100 this year is Angus and Julia Stone, Big Jet Plane. Although everyone seems to think Cee Lo Green will win with Fuck You.

I guess will have to wait and see.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A change

The cool thing about self publishing ebooks is that if you don't like something about your book, you can change it it. You have complete control.

Joe Konrath preaches this over at his blog A Newbies Guide to Publishing. So I'm listening to his always solid advice. I'm gonna change the name and cover of my 'Dead Forest' novella series.

I'm doing this for 2 reasons.

1. There's already a whole bunch of similar titles.

2. I think the new title will really smack people over the head. In other words, you won't need to ask me or anyone else what the book is about. You will know it instantly.

I think that was part of the problem, at least for me anyway. For example, whenever I would try and sum up the plot of 'Dead Forest' I'd be all like.. "Well it's about the Kensei - the sword saints of japan. but it's also about these demonic ninja known as 'the immortals' and there's also zombies. It's like a paranormal young adult fantasy.'

As you can see that explanation is a bit messy. I've never been good with the dreaded synopsis. But I flat out struggled with this one.

The cool thing about the new title: it will say everything you need to know on the front cover. No more questions. No more awkward synopsis.

All will be revealed soon. As will volume 2 in the series. I can't wait. I'm so pumped. Like Arnie in 'Pumping Iron'. Yeah that's how pumped I am. Ok maybe not that pumped but I'm still pretty pumped. You should say 'pumped' as many times as you can. It sounds weird after awhile.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You know what's a good album?

Passive me, Agressive you by 'The naked and famous'.

Damn good album.

Songs of note include:

All of this
Punching in a dream
Young blood.

It's on high rotation on my computer and in my car.

Monday, January 17, 2011

First sale in the UK!

Call me crazy but I feel like celebrating everytime I sell an ebook. And yesterday someone in the UK bought my book. How cool is that?

I'm of the opinion that it's very cool.

And to celebrate I'm gonna go out to dinner at the pub and get a massive chicken schnitzel with extra fries. Aww yeah.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Comic Books + Sushi Train + Whiskey = Huge Weekend

And it was expensive!

I just blew about $120 on comic books. How on earth did I do such a thing? Well let me explain.... I happen to be of the opinion that 'The Walking Dead' comic book series is probably the single greatest example of zombie literature on the face of the planet (although WWZ is also a literary masterpiece) but as far as comic books go, The Walking Dead is the bee’s knees, the Rolls Royce, the Hulk Hogan, the Michael Jordan, the Wagyu beef... (you get the point).

And herein lies my conundrum. Up until last weekend I was in the possession of Volumes 1 through to 7 of the Walking Dead. And at the end of Volume 7 there is a huge cliffhanger moment – a huge OMG, I effing need to know what happens next moment. But for some reason, none of the book stores and comic book stores in my region were stocking the next Volume in the series.

So on Saturday, me and a few of my friends just happen to stumble into one of the biggest book stores in the middle of Sydney. And to my utter delight they had volumes 8 through to 13. So I had to buy them. I just had to. (Each volume cost about $20). I knew buying them all would cripple me financially (especially since I was in the middle of a ‘boys’ weekend which involves excessive drinking and gambling and eating) but I bought them anyway. And I would totally do it again.

I can’t wait to read them all. But I also can't wait till I get an ipad or some other tablet device. Then I'll be able to download the entire series as soon as humanely possible. And I won't have to worry about storing them in a safe place. I'm the worst at looking after comic books. Nothing I own is in 'Mint' condition. It's not like I intentionally mistreat them. But over time they start to collect dust and get bent out of shape. Or just go missing altogether. Prime example, I've completely misplaced some of my 'Predator' comics.

I mean, check it out...

How cool is that? I freakin own that comic. But I have no idea where it is. I can't wait for the day when I can download it and not worry about losing it (although I suppose it's not that hard to lose digital stuff anyway.) But I probably have a better chance of keeping track of digital stuff than I do of hardcopies.

So yeah, in summation I guess I have a comic book addiction. Also, I have a Sushi Train addiction.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On Writing and Self Publishing

I can't believe it. Secret Apocalypse and Dead Forest are selling! Not huge numbers, mind you (certainly nothing like Amanda Hocking or Joe Konrath or HP Mallory) But it's still awesome to think that there are other people out there reading my books and hopefully enjoying them. (They could be hating them but I have to think positively or else I'll go insane.)

It's great motivation to hurry up and finalize the sequels. I love working to a deadline (even if it's a self imposed deadline). And believe me I need a deadline. I need the adrenalin rush it provides. I've always been a slow writer. I remember when I first started to get serious about writing. I would struggle to finish anything. Meanwhile my friend (who was the guy who first encouraged me to write) he would finish 2 books and be writing a third before I could even finish 1! I'm extremely jealous of people like this.

So one of my writing goals is to increase my productivity. I think I'm getting faster. For The Secret Apocalypse I used a combination of the Snow Flake Method and something I call 'fast drafting' (I think someone else coined that term but I can't remember where I read it).

So basically I get the main idea/concept for the story. And then I get a rough outline for the plot/narrative arc. I'll jump from different plot points and expand on them. If I get stuck on the intro but I've got a killer idea for something that happens towards the end then I'll jump to that scene and write in some dialouge or action or whatever. I usually have a few different word documents open at the one time. One will be called 'intro' and another will be called 'conclusion'. I'll name other documents based on what's happening in the scene. And before I know it i've got a pretty good skeleton of a novel.

I'm hoping to refine this method so I can write mo books mo quickly.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Secret Apocalypse

My very second ebook!

The Secret Apocalypse is a Young Adult zombie-filled thrill ride.

And it's now available for purchase from Amazon's Kindle store.

Here's the story description:

Los Angeles
February 23rd

Sixteen year old Rebecca Robinson is the sole survivor of the Australian Apocalypse. The death toll is at an estimated 22 million. The entire world wants to know what happened down there and since the military aren’t talking, everyone is looking to Rebecca for answers.

Sydney, Australia
3 Weeks Earlier

A deadly new virus is spreading through an immigration detention centre in the outback. It is 100% lethal. There is no cure. As a precaution the Australian Government has ordered a nationwide quarantine. No one is allowed to leave the country. No one is allowed to enter. School across the country has been canceled.

Despite these warning signs Rebecca and her friends are in the mood to celebrate their extended summer vacation, blissfully unaware of the dangers that are coming their way.

Over the next few days, things go from bad to worse as the virus begins to spread throughout Australia, killing anyone infected and turning them into ferocious undead monsters. Worse, the military have been ordered to contain the spread of infection and to cover up all trace of the outbreak by any means necessary. Mass panic and hysteria grip the population as the plague reaches the outskirts of Sydney.

Rebecca and her friends realise that it's no longer safe to simply go home and lock the door. They need to make a run for it. They need to escape from Australia. 

Book 2 in the series - The 6th Level - will hopefully be released next month.

I'm pretty excited about this :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cool WIP's

I have so many goddamn Works In Progress. It's starting to drive me insane.
So I thought I'd list them in an attempt to exorcise my demons.

1. The Dead Forest series.

I started writing this series way back in 06 (or maybe it was 05?). Anyways, I'm a huge fan of ninja and samurai and zombies and demonic ninja and evil Shogun's and wise old masters. Dead Forest combines my love of all these things into one awesome and epic tale.

It's so epic I decided to publish them on Amazon as a series of Novellas. Dead Forest - Vol: 1 is available on Amazon and I couldn't be freakin happier about that. Vol 2 is due out soon. I can't wait. In volume 2 we get to meet more of the Immortals.

The Immortals = BMF's

2. The Secret Apocalypse

Did I mention that I really like zombies? The Secret Apocalypse is my version of the zombie plauge. It's not really a WIP anymore because I'm literally moments away from hitting the 'Save and Publish' button on Amazon but the rest of the series is still under construction.

Read the description for it here

I had so much fun writing the first book in this series and the possibilty for the sequels are endless.

3. The Last City on Earth

I'm also a huge fan of post-apocalyptic fiction in general (not just of the zombie apocalypse kind). I may also call this book 'Locust' or 'Swarm' or maybe even 'Locust Swarm'.
Basically it's about the last surving city on Earth. Everything and everyone else on the planet has been consumed by a pre-historic species of giant locust.

4. Untitled

This last WIP is untitled because it involves a book of spells and every single possible title I come up with just sounds way too much like a Harry Potter novel.
But it will be nothing like Harry Potter. It also has a post-apocalyptic slant to it. Not necessarly a post-apocalyptic wasteland type setting but more like how in the anime series 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' some bad stuff happened (i.e. the 3rd impact) and civilisation has recovered or semi-recovered. And the story kind of revolves around preventing the bad stuff from happening again. (By the way, Neon Genesis is one of the greatest anime series ever made. And if you haven't seen it - you should stop what you're doing right now and go watch it.)