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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Secret Apocalypse Book 8

Been getting a lot of questions about when book 8 is going to be released.

All I can say is... I'm working on it right now and it's still a little while off yet.

Haven't got a specific release date because it's still in progress.

And I'm still working on a title... I've got a few in mind. But it's hard to narrow it down.

I've also been working hard on another project (Wasteland Wonderland) at the same time as I've been writing book 8... which is another reason for the delay. Probably, definitely the main reason...

Anyway, wish me luck. Hopefully i'll have Book 8 finished sooner rather than later.


  1. I have a couple of questions for you. :-)

    1.) Will this be the last book in the series then?

    2.) I could not find a way to sign up for this blog/newsletter. Do you have an email subscription I can sign up for on any forums, so that I receive these notifications?

    I just picked up Part 1 of the Wasteland Wonderland Series so hopefully this will help me with my Zpoc fix. LOL I am a big fan of your Secret Apocalypse Series and am always telling everyone in my numerous facebook groups that it is my favorite Zombie Apocalypse Series of all time, and it truly is! I look forward to book 8 whenever it comes out.

  2. Wow. Thank you for the kind words. And thank you for spreading the love. Much appreciated!

    Book 8 will not be the last. But we're getting close to the end. Very close.

    And I haven't organized a newsletter/email subscription as of yet but I'm looking into a couple of different things (mail chimp for example.)

    I hope you enjoy Wasteland Wonderland while you're waiting for book 8. It's not technically a zombie apocalypse book... But it is about the end of the world and all things apocalyptic.

  3. Is there an update for the release of book 8?

    1. It is out already. It is called Rage Against The Dying. Hope that helps.

  4. Yes. Book 8 is out now. Thanks for the help, Donna. Much appreciated.